Our Team

Josh Jensen

You can immediately tell when you meet Josh that he doesn’t really follow the herd. Always decked out in bold colors and unique attire he stands out, and above, a crowd in stature. Not only does his outward appearance make you step up and take notice, but there is a quiet reverence he has that draws you in, inviting you to question, explore and dive in. Visionary is an understatement, Josh doesn’t ask why or how but sees the goal in perfect clarity and walks towards it, sometimes with blatant disregard for logic. No feasibility studies or side roads just hard work to get to his goal.

Jim Ryan

Vineyard Manager

Dedicated to viticulture on Mt. Harlan since 1979 Jim tends the vines with Zelda his trusty Jack Russell Terrier at his side. Jim was born and raised in San Francisco and attended San Francisco City College before pursuing viticulture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Jim has been an integral part of the team, raising the original plantings and adding new ones, and successfully raising three daughters at the same time.

Jim also manages our incredible vineyard crew, some of which have been with us for 35+ years. Each member drives up the rural dirt road to Mt. Harlan daily to ensure that our eight single-vineyards are all highly maintained. Our permanent crew includes Shawn Callahan, Jeremy Gardner, John Nolan, Andy Kievlan, Jesus Zendejas, Jose Medina, and Pablo Andrade.

Mike Waller


A Hollister native, Mike grew up just ten miles from Calera. As a homebrewer he discovered a passion for fermentations and caught the wine bug on a visit to Napa Valley. He was so serious that he attended UC Davis to study Viticulture and Enology. His first harvest at Saintsbury and a subsequent short stint at Beringer was followed by a move to the Central Coast in 2004 to work at Chalone Vineyard. He was hired at Calera in 2007, a great opportunity to make wine close to his roots.

Our wines would not be the same without our Cellar Crew. They work diligently through harvest, maintain our wine cellar, and bottle wines throughout the year. Abraham Corona, our Cellar Master, has been with us for over 30 years and helps manage the crew, which includes Adrian Baena-Montiel, Romeo Martinez, and Jose Torres.

Marta Rich

National and Global Sales Manager

Marta Rich will remember you! Whether you met her at a tasting in Milwaukee or in an airport along the way Marta is a professional people lover. She takes her job seriously and loves to connect with Calera lovers across the country bringing the fruits of Josh’s labor to those who can’t visit in person.

Judy Vargas

Office Manager

When Judy arrived at Calera in 1991 she thought it would be a temporary post. She started out packing wine boxes, filing, and invoicing. Although at the start she couldn’t even pronounce “Pinot Noir”, she learned quickly and soon was in charge of all orders for the United States and abroad. She has gone from expert box packer to actually managing most of what goes on at the winery.  Overall she keeps the place and its people organized - no small task!

Lindsay Carreiro

Customer Service / Shipping Manager

Lindsay has been an intricate part of the Calera office staff since early 2008. A busy mother of two, she delights all of the staff and customers with her quirky sense of humor. She is a key customer service employee, managing shipping and compliance, overseeing our consumer orders, inventory and wine clubs. She is also another friendly face in the tasting room when needed during the week. Her attention to detail facilitates the accurate completion of consumer and distributor sales and she is a valued member of our staff. Her dedication to her job is reflected in her notable punctuality and enthusiasm.

Nada Sparling


Nada has been handling the finances at Calera since 2006. She pays bills, processes payroll, monthly financial and sales reports, banking and all the year-end accounting. Because of her infectious team spirit she will basically help out wherever needed. You’ll see her at special events helping out with the wine and food too. She is a San Benito County native going back six generations.

Kate Mayhorn

Tasting Room, Hospitality and Event Coordinator

Kate Mayhorn has been a part of the Calera team since 2012. She is a prominent presence during the week in our tasting room as well as part of the office staff. She brought with her years of customer service experience along with a background in catering and event planning which she uses in arranging our wine club and special events and preparing foods selected to complement our wines. Hospitality is her passion, which she provides with a friendly reception to our guests.

Hospitality Team

Everyone's experience would  not be complete without the wonderful guidance of our tasting room team.

Lauren Strojny
Director of Consumer Wine Sales & Marketing
Favorite Calera Wine: Mt. Harlan Reed Pinot Noir
On-board since: April, 2016

Lori Wilson
Tasting Room Lead
Favorite Calera Wine: Mt. Harlan Jensen Pinot Noir
On-board since: May, 2004

Mark Mayhorn
Tasting Room Associate
Favorite Calera Wine: Mt. Harlan Viognier
On-board since: October, 2008

Candace Ledesma
Tasting Room Associate
Favorite Calera Wine: Mt. Harlan Jensen Pinot Noir
On-board since: July, 2016